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Praise for all on a productive election

Lastly, immediately after a lengthy and complicated pre-election season, the election has taken place and it was historic. Inspite of troubles, which includes a record selection of voters, new procedural adjustments, and a lethal pandemic, voters ended up ready to employ a protected and powerful course of action in preserving with the principles of democracy.
The Schenectady County League of Girls Voters salutes every specific who participated in the absolutely free, fair, and tranquil election of 2020.
Our county election officials should have recognition and praise for applying procedures to defend voters and workers in opposition to the unfold of the coronavirus. Countless hrs ended up used recruiting and education election workers, engineering a strategy for handling early voting and enhanced turnout. Polling places have been entirely staffed and performing properly from early voting via Nov. 3.
We owe gratitude to the volunteers who served as poll staff and poll observers. They worked prolonged, complicated hours in a legitimate bipartisan exertion. These election workers usually participate in a critical position in our democracy, but this was not an regular election. These men and women risked their overall health to give their fellow citizens an chance to vote.
Thanks, and congratulations go to each and every voter, from initially-time voters to previous stalwarts. You recognized voting is not just our correct it is our ability.
Underneath remarkable conditions the citizenry of Schenectady County demonstrated precisely what American pride and patriotism search like.
As we celebrate this election, let us dedicate to going forward jointly, strengthening and creating our terrific democracy.
Ann Hatke
The author is president of the League of Females Voters of Schenectady County.

Blaming Cuomo is not successful

After reading Kim Lake’s Nov. 17 letter in The Gazette (“Why would we trust Cuomo on covid?”) I imagined about why should not we belief Gov. Cuomo.
Yes he’s the a person that states to maintain your mask on while walking all around dining establishments and bars, mainly because I assume that as we walk all-around those destinations, we get rid of perception when we are consuming and our drink is in our hand or when we enter the bathrooms.
I really don’t consume, but I can envision an individual out late in a bar following 10 o’clock having off their mask simply because we occasionally don’t use our God-given feeling owing to alcohol. No, he didn’t say we will not be capable to have the vaccine. But the person termed president of the United States mentioned he would not let us have it due to the fact as a spoiled boy or girl, he is mad at the governor because of to his constraints as to where it is coming because it could possibly not be harmless.
And as for all those people lousy aged in the nursing properties, my heart does go to their families. But how can that be the governor’s fault if the proprietors or managers of these homes at the time did not know who experienced or did not have the virus?
This pandemic is trying to all of us. But enjoying the blaming video game will only make us more alienated from every single other.
Bonita Cade

Indications are not the issue at bridge

The railroad bridge and the signage on Glenridge Street is not the problem.
I see the dilemma is with the trucking company and the driver for not realizing or checking the proportions of their vehicles, equally less than a total load or vacant load.
If the figures are posted for the motorists to know their height when approaching a bridge, that really should inform them that they will or will not suit. Maybe the drivers imagine that there is some wiggle place in that indication and they just take a probability.
With today’s GPS devices, the routes should really be planned better in progress. Consider finding a broad load allow from the DOT. It calls for a specific description of your automobile, its load and route.  They in turn can give you guidance as to where by you can vacation. A 10-foot, 11-inch bridge peak does not equate to 12-ft-some thing. Do not blame the bridge or absence of signage. Blame human error. Hefty fines need to send out a information. Tying up targeted traffic and responders to proper this difficulty is highly-priced and time consuming.
Paul St. Onge

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